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38th Annual Silver Ball

2018 Silver Ball – St. Louis, MO

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The 38th Annual Silver Ball Gala raises money for research to help fight the debilitating disease of Arthritis for both adults and children. Join us for a night of dinner, dancing and auctions to champion the cure for Arthritis.

Featured Medical Honoree

Dr. Robert Jackson, D.O., F.A.C.O.I., has served as the Associate Dean of Campus Academic Affairs, and as Chairman and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.

He is board certified in the specialty of Internal Medicine as well as the sub-specialty of Rheumatology. Dr. Jackson has also completed a four year tour of duty with the National Health Corps in rural Southern Missouri.

Dr. Jackson is currently president of Premier Specialty Network (PSN) and is a full time PSN Rheumatologist, practicing at nine different hospitals in the states of Missouri and Iowa.

Founded by Dr. Jackson in 1999, PSN has proudly provided quality healthcare to rural communities throughout the United States by establishing satellite clinics staffed by top level doctors.

PSN originally evolved out of the Northeast Missouri Rural Health Network (NMRHN). While directing NMRHN, Dr. Jackson became acutely aware of the need to improve access to rural healthcare.

With his guidance and leadership, NMRHN helped develop 5 Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) in northeast Missouri (Unionville, Milan, Macon, Memphis and Brookfield). Subsequently, Dr. Jackson developed a unique model of outreach specialty medical service for Rheumatology to serve the same hospitals.

PSN has since expanded this model over the course of the years and now provides a variety of medical and surgical services to communities across the United States.

Please note: The value of each package is Single Admission ($125), Couple Admission ($250), Young Professional Admission ($125), Table Admission ($1250), Presenting Sponsor ($2500), Cocktail Reception Patron ($1250), Platinum Patron ($1250), Auction Patron ($500), Sterling Patron (1250), and Silver Patron ($250). The amount of the package in excess of the value is tax deductible. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

PSN Helps Provide Clinical Services at DCH

Premier Specialty Network helps provide Rheumatology, Ear, Nose and Throat and Allergy and Immunology Clinics at DCH

Davis County Hospital is a 25‐bed critical access hospital and is situated in Bloomfield, Iowa. We provide health services to over 8,000 residents in our community. Bloomfield is located over 111 miles to the east and west of the three largest tertiary care facilities in the state. With the addition of several helicopter services in the area, our facility is able to provide a higher level of emergency care to our patients. The struggle we have experienced over the last few years is to identify visiting specialty physicians who are willing to make the trip to Bloomfield to provide clinics for our patients on a routine basis. Premier Specialty Network is making that possible in Bloomfield.

“Teaming up with Premier Specialty Network has allowed us to grow our specialty clinic schedule,” says Sharon Donaldson, RN, Outpatient Manager. “The partnership has allowed us to provide additional services in the area of Ear, Nose and Throat, Allergy and Immunology and Rheumatology.”

Dr. Lary Ciesemier sees patients twice a month at Davis County Hospital. The Allergy and Immunology clinic sees an average of 356 patients a year. Dr. Robert Jackson holds clinics in Rheumatology one day a week and provides services to over 1,000 patients each year. Services in the area of Ear, Nose and Throat are provided at our facility once a month by Dr. Kelly Burchett. Dr. Burchett’s clinic sees approximately 200 patients each year.

“The addition of these specialties is very important to the residents in the community,” says Donaldson. “There is no greater joy than to see the quality of life for our patients drastically improve. A 50‐year‐old female patient came to the facility to meet with Dr. Jackson and presented in a wheelchair at her first visit. With the help of Dr. Jackson, she now is able to walk into the facility for follow‐up appointments. The relationship with Premier Specialty Network has allowed this to happen.”

The addition of these three specialty physicians has made follow‐up appointments more convenient for our patients as well. Not having to travel long distances to see physicians has allowed our patients to miss less work, rely less on family and friends to make appointments, and the confidence of knowing they can be taken care of at their local hospital.

Davis County Hospital is very excited to continue to grow the relationship we have with Premier Specialty Network. The benefits to our patients, community and facility are tremendous.