Innovative Healthcare Provider Model

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PSN Impacts Goals


PSN is an innovative patent pending healthcare provider model which allows physicians to remain independent and autonomous.

We provide financially sound, flexible opportunities which produce a higher quality work life environment.


Premier Specialty Network provides you enhanced access to a wide variety of specialties allowing you to expand the capabilities of your facility. PSN works with your staff and the physician to ensure the clinic is set up to maximize success. You will receive access to world-class, quality specialists previously unavailable in rural communities!


We are a stabilizing force for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and  other clinicians seeking greater autonomy, increased free time, and increased income. We offer assistance in hospital contract negotiation with strategies to provide freelance opportunities.

  • Fair Market Value Assessments – a unique formula

  • Credentialing Process – we meet the challenges
  • Supplementary Services – we provide consultants


While it may appear that some hospital systems manage their affiliated hospitals into non-existence, PSN’s strategy results in an increased profitability for independent hospitals and clinics. We have proven the “fair market value” of our physicians with a 20% growth rate average every year.


The mission of PSN is to preserve quality healthcare in rural communities through partnerships with hospitals, clinics and a network of physicians, specialists and clinicians, while maintaining cost-saving practices. Customized solutions result in the delivery of the highest possible level of care with the most efficient use of available resources, thus improving the sustainability of rural communities.

PSN has established a wide network of highly qualified specialist who adhere to our philosophy of bringing healthcare to the patient by local health care expansion.

Freedom is crucial, and PSN gives you the ability to serve a variety of demographics while focusing on optimum patient care.


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