PSN - Premier Specialty Network

The PSN Difference

Move onward + upward

Your well-being is just as important as your patients’.

We offer a range of services in a range of specialties and can offer customized opportunities to best meet your needs. With PSN, you have the opportunity to be a part of something large, connected and truly impactful.


Dr. Anne Winkler, M.D., Ph.D

“Physicians that have made the change to PSN, such as myself, can attest to the fact that PSN provides a less stressful and more satisfying work environment.”

ANNE WINKLER, M.D., Ph.D., PSN, Vice President and Co-founder
Dr. Thomas Scott, M.D.

“These outstanding physicians have brought a new specialty to OMC that expands the type of quality care services we are normally able to provide to our patients.”

THOMAS E. SCOTT, M.D., Ozarks Medical Center
Dr. Laurence Kinsella, M.D.

“PSN provides a rewarding and self-sustaining method of reaching at risk populations who would normally have little access to neurological services.”

Dr. V. Kent Cooper, M.D.

“PSN got me set up with different hospitals, did the contract negotiating with the different hospitals, and I now have access to various resources one needs as they make this type of transition.”

V. KENT COOPER, M.D., Premier Specialty Network