PSN - Premier Specialty Network

Why Hospitals and Clinics Work With PSN


PSN solutions make it easier to standardize best practices across multiple organizations.


“Cameron Regional Medical Center is very excited to team up with Premier Specialty Network so that much needed specialty services can be delivered in Northwest Missouri, including Urology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, Dermatology and Vascular services. It is a great service.”

Dr. Lang
“Our relationship with PSN has been very positive. Has allowed us to bring two specialties to campus (dermatology and rheumatology) that otherwise we would not have been able to do on our own. The physicians affiliated with PSN have been top notched and have made wonderful impressions within our community with their patients, our medical staff and employees allowing us to keep additional patients local and realizing spin off business that is very important in carrying forth the mission, visions and values of Cass Regional.”

Dr. Carron
“Perry County Health System has been working with PSN for 5 years and begun our relationship with PSN providing difficult to find specialty physicians to offer monthly to weekly outpatient clinics. PSN has worked well with coordinating these physician services to coordinate into our Rural Health Clinic system. We have found PSN to be very attentive to our needs and has furnished with only highly qualified physicians. Over time, we have found their physicians to be serious and committed to outreach service. Their tenure is growing with little turnover. I give PSN high recommendations and will continue to design healthcare with their support in mind.”

“CAH Hospitals face severe difficulty in finding specialty physicians to manpower clinics which provide quality care to their communities. Traditionally the needs of most CAH facilities remain very similar. However, “specialty” docs often aren’t available in rural regions and localities.

PSN has developed a unique relationship with hundreds of physicians throughout the Midwest. This has allowed numerous hospitals to choose specialty physicians to fulfill their community need.

Our organization has had the opportunity to work with PSN for the past ten years. We fully appreciate PSN’s transparency, honesty and consistency in providing quality physicians. Their cooperative spirit even during times of financial difficulties, identifies their true mission to provide healthcare to rural America.”