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What is the non-disclosure agreement?2016-07-22T19:35:07-05:00

The PSN Provider Agreement is the contract between the specialist and PSN that allows PSN to act as the administrator. PSN requires a signed agreement prior to engagement.

Why does PSN request a photo and CSV?2016-05-17T20:29:38-05:00

In order to guarantee a successful clinic, PSN assists the hospital in marketing new programs, thus PSN requests a photo and CV from the specialist for marketing purposes.

Who is responsible for patient follow up?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

Personnel provided by the hospital will handle patient follow up unless otherwise directed by the physician.

Can a specialists have their payments direct deposited?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

Yes, monthly payments can be direct deposited.

How does a specialist get paid and when?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

The physician is paid monthly based on days worked.

Who is responsible for patient follow up?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

Personnel provided by the hospital will handle patient follow up unless otherwise directed by the physician.

What does a typical day look like?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

It is similar to what you are currently familiar with minus all administrative headaches. We handle the administrative end of things so you can focus on providing patients with the care they need and deserve.

How do I choose a clinic date?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

We will work with the clinic coordinator to choose a date that best works with your schedule as well as schedule a training day in order to familiarize you with that hospital’s system.

Once I decide to do a clinic, who does the credentialing and billing?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

The hospital is responsible for all credentialing and billing matters.

Is PSN considered locum tenen work?2019-02-18T08:01:59-06:00

Unlike Locum Tenens models which provide temporary coverage, PSN is a long-term solution to staffing needs.

Who pays for the specialist’s malpractice insurance?2017-01-13T17:57:42-06:00

The specialist is responsible for securing malpractice insurance. PSN will provide network consultants to aid in the establishment of medical liability insurance.

How does PSN determine the specialist’s contract rate?2017-01-13T17:57:42-06:00

PSN negotiates the specialists’ reimbursement rate based on its established and accepted Fair Market Value assessment. PSN uses the latest MGMA data as well as other sources to establish its Fair Market Value.

Is PSN part-time or full-time?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

PSN offers maximum scheduling flexibility: work 1 day a month or 5 days a week. The choice is up to you.

How do I join PSN?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

Please fill out and submit this form on the or send us an email from the Contact Us page and one of our staff members will contact you within 48 hours.

Who handles the patient follow up?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

Follow up is easily managed by clinic staff, as directed by the physician.

Who handles the billing?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

The hospital maintains control for all billing of the physician’s services.

How do clinic days work?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

The hospital is responsible for booking all appointments and will provide the physician with clinic space, staff and equipment.

Who is responsible for the physician’s benefits?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

The hospital or clinic is not responsible for maintaining the physician’s benefits.

How do we know the physician will not eventually take the clinic away from the hospital?2016-07-22T19:36:09-05:00

PSN is a hybrid model where you control the data for your patent and you control any revenue that is derived from that.

How do we make our community aware of the new clinic?2016-07-22T19:36:10-05:00

We are happy to help you with the marketing process associated with advertising a new clinic.

How do we know what to bill for?2016-07-22T19:48:07-05:00

We will provide billing code numbers for each specialty to familiarize your facility with how to bill for specialty care.

Do we meet the specialist before the first clinic day?2016-07-22T19:48:07-05:00

Prior to start date, the specialist is available for a site visit and is open to meeting with the medical staff.

If we decide to initiate a specialty clinic, how long does it take to implement?2016-07-22T19:48:07-05:00

Our longest lead time is credentialing the physician so this time frame depends on your hospital’s credentialing staff. We have initiated a clinic in as little as one month.

What national organizations is PSN associated with?2016-07-22T19:48:07-05:00

PSN is affiliated with a variety of organizations such as St. Luke’s, Mercy, St. Johns, the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), and several state hospital associations.

How do you find your specialists?2016-07-22T19:48:07-05:00

PSN is a closely-knit group and that connects to physicians through word of mouth and referrals.

What type of specialties do you have?2016-07-22T19:48:07-05:00

We offer a wide variety of specialties, listed here.

How many hospitals do you currently serve?2016-07-22T19:48:07-05:00

PSN currently services over 60 hospitals.

How many specialists do you have?2016-07-22T19:48:07-05:00

PSN currently has over 60 specialists in our network.

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