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PSN Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Specialists

Below is a listing of the Premier Specialty Network Allergists who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases, such as asthma; frequent cough; hay fever; sinus infections; eye allergies; reactions to food, insect stings and drugs; skin allergies (eczema and hives) and immune system problems that might cause frequent infections.

Aruna Baratham, M.D.
Aruna Baratham, M.D.
Lary Ciesemier, D.O.
Lary Ciesemier, D.O.

What does an Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Doctor Do?

An allergist / immunologist (commonly referred to as an allergist) is a physician specially trained to diagnose, treat and manage allergies, asthma and immunologic disorders including primary immunodeficiency disorders. These conditions range from the very common to the very rare, spanning all ages and encompassing various organ systems.

PSN Allergist/Immunology Doctors Are Proud to Offer:

  • Skin Patch Testing for diagnosing contact allergic dermatitis

  • Photo Patch Testing for diagnosing photo-allergy (e.g., photo-allergic contact dermatitis).

  • Photo Tests for evaluating photo-sensitivity disorders.

  • Bronchial Challenge Test for testing with methacholine, histamine or antigens in defining asthma or airway hyperactivity

  • Exercise Challenge Testing for exercise-induced bronchospasm

  • Ingestion (Oral) Challenge Testing

  • In Vitro IgE Antibody Tests (RAST, MAST, FAST, ELISA, ImmunoCAP)

  • Total Serum IgE (paper radioimmunosorbent test [PRIST], radioimmunosorbent test [RIST]) for diagnostic evaluation in members with known or suspected ABPA and or hyper IgE syndrome.

  • Treatment with nasal sprays, eye drops and/or antihistamine tablets

  • Desensitisation (immunotherapy)

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