The cardiologists of the Premier Specialty Network are among the most respected in the country, specializing in prevention, diagnosis and advanced treatment of cardiac disease.

What does a Heart Doctor Do?

Cardiology (from Greek καρδίᾱ kardiā, “heart” and -λογία -logia, “study”) is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart as well as parts of the circulatory system. The field includes medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology. Physicians who specialize in this field of medicine are called cardiologists, a specialty of internal medicine.

PSN Cardio Specialists Are Proud to Offer:

  • Echocardiogram – a sound wave picture to look at the structure and function of the heart.
  • Ambulatory ECG – a recording during activity to look for abnormal heart rhythms.
  • Exercise test – a study to measure your heart’s performance and limitations.
  • Cardiac Catheterization – a test in which a small tube is placed in or near the heart to take pictures, look at how the heart is working, check the electrical system, or help relieve blockage.

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