We Are Here To Serve You

PSN ModelWe are a stabilizing force for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and  other clinicians seeking greater autonomy, increased free time, and increased income. We offer assistance in hospital contract negotiation with strategies to provide freelance opportunities.

While it may appear that some hospital systems manage their affiliated hospitals into non-existence, PSN’s strategy results in an increased profitability for independent hospitals and clinics. We have proven the “fair market value” of our physicians with a 20% growth rate average every year.

PSN Physician Benefits

  • Experience a rewarding work environment; enjoy practicing medicine again
  • Are proud to be a part of a prestigious group of physicians
  • Can always say “no” to an offer
  • Are not required to work weekends
  • No hospital rounds
  • No nights
  • No “on-call”
  • Have a 98% contract renewal rate with PSN
  • Make significantly more $ per day worked
  • Can choose to work ½ days
  • Have a sense of “security” in lieu of a locums group
  • Don’t work during bad weather conditions; if the school busses aren’t operating, neither are PSN physicians
  • Are contiually assisted by PSN team members, serving as intermediaries, actively engaged in potentiating harmonious, symbiotic relationships between themselves and Hospital CEO’s/Administrators
  • Realize a significant impact in controlling the cost of doing business
  • Provide health care  rural areas to where it is needed most
  • Are provided with office space, nursing staff, medical equipment and billing services are provided through the hospital
  • Have comparable benefits options available to them through PSN Preferred Providers as are offered to hospital employees

Value-Proven Approach

Our value-proven approach is highly successful for health care professionals seeking time to raise or spend with their families, retiring, relocating, planning to eliminate their brick and mortar practice headaches, looking for a change of pace, and for those who just want to experience the joy of working, not just money.