Infusion Express Opens It’s Kirksville Location

PSN is excited to announce that our partner, Infusion Express, just expanded into a new state-of-the-art facility in Kirksville!  The new location opened yesterday in the Physicians & Surgeons Building located at 1108 E. Patterson, Kirksville, MO, and is the company’s first rural location in the country.

Infusion Express has additional locations in Kansas City, MO, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, and San Francisco, CA.

Their vision for coming to rural Missouri is “Start a business in a location where you find a need.”  The business offers IV drug treatments mostly to patients suffering from chronic conditions like M.S. and Crohn’s disease.

Story by Louis Finley/KTVO

Don Peterson, Infusion Express’s CEO says:

We heard people, through Dr. Jackson, that they were driving 50 to 100 miles one way just to get a regular infusion, and that’s a huge inconvenience and when access is that challenging, people tend not to go.

Peterson said treatments are cheaper than hospitals, and it gets those who are mobile out of their houses, working around their schedules.

Infusion Express offers the IV therapy you need in a place and time that works for you. They work around your schedule by offering weekday, evening and Saturday appointments.  All of their patients are treated in private suites fully equipped with WiFi, flat screen TVs, and comfortable recliners and friends and family members are encouraged to come with you. They are committed to making you better in a better way!

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