Multi-Language service comes to the Heartland

Milan Family Practice Clinic

MILAN, Mo. — A diverse northeast Missouri community now getting big help from a doctor who speaks their native language.

Francisco J. Garriga, M.D. is a rheumatologist from St. Louis whom speaks a variety of languages including English, Spanish and French.

He’ll soon be coming to Milan Family Practice, a campus of Sullivan County Memorial Hospital, to treat patients.

It’s all part of the Premier Specialty Network, which allows doctors from major cities to come to rural areas across the state of Missouri.

“This is something that is surely needed. There’s a big void right now and the ability to serve the community of such a diverse demographic. He is excited because he’s going to be able to serve a population that he can relate to and and it’s an under served area. So it’s a meeting of two very important needs, to be a provider of medicine and be there for people who are looking for somebody who can relate to them on a personal level while also having their needs met,” said Premier Specialty Network Regional Director David Young.

Garriga starts his job next Wednesday, August 17. You can now call (660) 265-4456 to schedule an appointment.

He’ll be making visits to the clinic in Milan on the second Wednesday for a few months before seeing patients on the first and second Wednesday of every month.

The doctor will also be seeing patients at Scotland County Hospital in Memphis on the first and second Tuesday of each month.

Source>> KTVO

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