PSN Growth in 2015

PSN Growth

To all the members, affiliates and friends of Premier Specialty Network, LLC.  It has been a great year of growth for Premier Specialty Network.

PSN has grown into six states with no signs of slowing down in 2016.

We have a diverse range of physicians, health care centers and staff that are networked together to give PSN the competitive advantage that we need in today’s highly competitive medical industry.

Premier Specialty Network is excited to share many of the people, events and partnerships that made 2015 such a great year for PSN. exceptional opportunities in 2016.

We recognize PSN physicians for their hard and noble work, and that of our PSN staff: Dr. Anne Winkler, Kelly Barger, Robert Groszewski, David Young, and Laura Hansel, RN.

PSN physicians have more fun and a better quality work-life balance!

Moving into New Year

I would like to talk about things I’d like you to keep in mind and things I’d like for you to share to create a common vision in the New Year.

First, I would like you to embrace a sense of ownership. A sense of ownership is necessary in order for you to accomplish anything. That is a determination to “do your work” and an awareness that “work is something that you must do”.  We are in a time when changes take place really fast, so it is crucial that all we all think and act with a sense of ownership.

Second, I have always believed that a trusting relationship between a provider and the facility he serves is key, not in a one-way fashion, but by having both sides commit to their duties. This means that the facility will promise to create an ideal working place for our providers, and our providers will demonstrate maximum performance in that environment. Both will be responsible for their results and commitments. I believe that some pressure is essential in a good relationship.

Lastly, I wish for all of you to take care of your health and to gain success in many areas. More than anything, let us be cheerful and enjoy work. Great ideas and good performances do not come from a dismal workplace. The key phrase is “be cheerful and enjoy”.  Let’s create a work atmosphere filled with smiles and vigor, and with a healthy amount of pressure.

I would like to wish you all and your families another healthy and successful year. Thank you.

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