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Cancer Risk Falls with Higher Levels of Vitamin D

In the journal PLOS One, researchers from the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine report how they analyzed the link between vitamin D and cancer to determine what blood level of vitamin D was required to effectively reduce cancer risk. The study included all invasive cancers, excluding skin cancer. One of the authors, Cedric Garland, adjunct professor in the UCSD School of Medicine Department of [...]

Missouri Law Creates New ‘Assistant Physician’ Designation

Signed last week by Governor Jay Nixon, the law creates the new position of "assistant physician." A controversial new law in Missouri will allow medical school graduates who haven't yet passed their final credentialing exam to treat patients in under-served primary care settings. The law has encountered strong opposition from organized medicine. Signed last week by Governor Jay Nixon, [...]

Paving The Way For Virus-Like Nanodevices That Diagnose Disease And Make Drugs

Nanotechnology is a relatively new, but rapidly expanding field, where tiny devices and molecular-scale tools offer exciting possibilities for manipulating cells and their components.

Medicare Proposes Dollar Figure For New Chronic-Care Code

Medicare chronic care management (CCM) payments, scheduled to start next year, may contribute to the development of value-oriented healthcare