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Surgeons Create ‘New’ Knee Cartilage From Stem Cells In Hip

New knee operation that could prevent the development of arthritis Surgeons in Southampton have pioneered a new knee operation that could prevent the development of arthritis – and extend sporting careers. The procedure, which is currently being trialed at Southampton General Hospital, involves coating damaged cartilage with stem cells, taken from a patient’s own hip, and surgical glue. Known as [...]

Gout Isn’t Always Easy to Prove: CT Scans Help Catch Cases Traditional Test Misses

Gout is on the rise among U.S. men and women, and this piercingly painful and most common form of inflammatory arthritis is turning out to be more complicated than had been thought.

Regional Rheumatologist Distribution Leaves Many Patients Under served

A Current Study Demonstrates That Regional Shortages Already Exist

Rheumatology Circuit Brings Healthcare to Small Towns

PSN circuit-riding physicians go from hospital to hospital to provide access to services in areas that might not have coverage any other way.